John Filarowicz – President & CEO

Born and raised in Fort Worth, John Filarowicz at the young age of 12, worked with a friend to start his first lawn business. This small business became so successful; they were able to sell the company before leaving for Texas A&M University.

Throughout college, John learned valuable industry services and practices through multiple internships. He learned the science of proper irrigation installation & service, landscape maintenance, landscape installation, chemical application (fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, etc.) and seasonal color changes. He also worked alongside account reps to better understand the true meaning of customer service and proper scheduling.

With a degree in horticulture, and a minor in agronomy, John quickly took ground in valuable job positions in the irrigation field. He oversaw many large commercial properties such as Post Oak Homeowner’s Association in Corinth, Michael’s at Alliance Airport, Mountain Creek Business Park in Dallas, Harris-Methodist Hospital of Fort Worth, Kraft Foods and the Fort Worth Stockyards. In 2004, John obtained his irrigation license and established Five Star Landscape Co.